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Let's Dance


" Life is better when you are dancing... "

Dance... Dream... Inspire!

Here at DanceInspire Dance and Fitness Studio we believe in showcasing a stage to all those people out there who can't help but move every time that good song plays on the radio, the ones that lock themselves in with loud music and dance crazy behind closed doors, those who spend countless hours on YouTube watching @mattsteffanina or @danaalexa breaking it down and imagine them doing the same but never moves a muscle, and even to that little kid with gleaming eyes looking up on a professional dancer on stage, inspired to make out a star of themselves one fine day!

DanceInspire is not just a dance class, it's a dance party. What better way to drain all that stress from hours of studies and homework when you get to dance out with your friends. All that fun comes while learning various dance styles ranging from traditional to new age, and not to mention keeping you fit and healthy. As once said by the profound German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche;

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once"

What's more to say. Let's start dancing!

" If you dance with your heart your body will follow... "

Less Talk... More Dance...

" Dancing is being you at top volume... "

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